Welcome to the Tuesday Technical. This purpose of this blog is to help aid workers to understand more about the various technologies we use in developing countries and emergency response. The technical scope is very wide as we cover not just IT, but also power supplies, radio and satellite communications, Navigation & GIS and practically any other technologies.

90% of the time, the target audience is the people who use the technology as end users. Articles are published using a similar style of “How stuff works”. From time to time, there may be articles which go into more depth.

Why is this is site called “The Tuesday Technical”?

Back in 2011/12, whilst I was working at Merlin, one of my friends sent out an email to the rest of the Logistics team called the Monday Morning Metal. This was a short article explaining the story about heavy metal music. Many months later I created the Tuesday Technical. Later on, another friend started up the Friday Pharmaceutical, where I learnt a great deal about medicines. There was also the Wednesday Wash – an article about water and sanitation.

The Tuesday Technical evolved into an internal blog on the Save the Children from the beginning of 2014. Since then, I have received a lot of good feedback, so  have decided to bring the blog to the public internet so that all aid workers can read it.

I try to get a new post up each Tuesday, but there may be gaps and delays from time to time. This site is set up so that you can comment on each article and share experiences. Please be polite and constructive.

Finally, if there is a technical subject you would like to see covered, please add your suggestion to the comment box on the most recent article.